A Question of Trust

This week I left the comfortable temp job. When I said it was my last day, people would ask me “What have you got lined up next?”…

…It’s very liberating to be able to say ‘Nothing’.

The blank expressions, the looks of surprise, were most amusing!

You see, I no longer plan each step of my day, my week, my month.

I no longer think in weeks and terms, targets and objectives.

I don’t know what happens next.


That’s exciting! Scary, but exciting.

Trusting that something is always going to happen next, whether you plan it or not, that the universe has a canny way of bringing what you need when you need it, if you have the courage to trust it.

And that’s a hard thing to do. It means breaking years of conditioning, through our schooling and into the workplace.

What’s coming next.

Where are you going?

What level are you going to progress to?


Letting all that go… it’s brilliant. I never was an ambitious person. I never craved to be management, top of the tree, running the show. I’m quite happy just plodding along, being who I want to be and working out what it is I want to devote my time and effort to.


The older I get the less status means to me, I care less what everyone else thinks of me, what opinions they form when they look at me. Maybe this is just a natural part of aging. Maybe this happens to everyone?


As I leave one job, the universe brings me more children to tutor… doing something I enjoy, that I feel I am good at and I find fulfilling. Something I believe in.


Trust the universe.


Something will always present itself. And now I have the courage to say ‘Yes’ when it does.

Author: disillusionededucator

A primary school teacher on the edge! Of what, I'm not sure!

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