June-Years Resolutions

My New Years resolution this year was to waste less and not buy any new items of clothing. I made an exception for second hand clothes, but in an effort to

a) reduce the impact of manufacturing on the environment


b) reduce the impact of clothes buying on my bank account

I decided to try a year of not buying anything new, but rather, re-discovering the clothes I already have. And I have a lot…

I mean… honestly… it makes me cringe when I think of all the clothes I have, that I never wear. Some even still had the labels on. How wasteful.

So far, it’s been a nice little voyage of reacquaintance, like meeting up with old friends who you haven’t seen in a while, and you’d forgotten quite how much you enjoyed their company.

‘Hello little black trouser suit I bought on a whim with the hope of looking chic and like I belong on the French Riviera’.

‘How you doing retro dress that I bought in London on a fateful visit that confirmed that I am now, really and truly, a Country Mouse’.

Some clothes have, just as with some friends who you now realise are actually toxic to your life and your mental wellbeing, been relegated to the ‘what was I thinking? Why did I hold on to you for so long?’ pile.

Talking about this resolution with people has meant several discussions around clothes we hang on to, and the stories associated with them. Where we were when we bought them, geographically, mentally or emotionally.

And this led on to my colleague George saying that she wanted to have a new years resolution but it was pretty late in the year to make one… after all it’s nearly June..

“A June-Years Resolution!!” (She was particularly chuffed with that!)

And so it is born. The making of resolutions after testing out the first 6 months of the year, and what you resolve to change or do differently for the latter 6 months of the year.

It could become a ‘thing’…

I’ve got a couple of June-Years resolutions to make…

One of them might be to make pants exempt from the New Years resolution….!


Author: disillusionededucator

A primary school teacher on the edge! Of what, I'm not sure!

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