The Art of Procrastination

Oh my! I am soooo good at procrastinating!

It’s not productive in some areas of life, and great for others…

The laundry basket remains constantly empty. The dust barely has time to settle. Things get put away after they’ve been used. Dishes are done every evening. The garage is tidy! WTF?!

But, this brings me no closer to larger goals. I have been gainfully unemployed for 3 weeks now. The worry over the bills is kicking in as I near the date of payments looming. Yet I find that the more time I have free to pursue the stuff I promised myself that I would pursue, the less I pursue them. I told myself that ‘when I have more time’ I would get on with making things happen.

Have I?

Have I heck as like!

It’s amazing how much time you can fill doing anything but what you SHOULD be doing. It’s almost as if, the less time I have at my disposal, the more I manage to cram in.

Maybe this is the key?

Impetus seems (for me anyway) to stem from having limited time in which to achieve things.

Don’t get me wrong, the things I have filled my time with have been cleansing for my spirit and my mind. De-cluttering is brilliant! Clearing the path for clearer thinking. Yoga every morning (I ache! So out of shape!). Meditation. Being ‘mindful’ in the garden, being in the ‘now’, the moment.

I thank the stars for my partner who is keeping me afloat financially. But the guilt that comes with that scenario, after being a relatively high earner, is weighty.

A change is coming. But I need to start putting some serious work in to make that happen.

And unburden my partner.

Although his home may become less clean and tidy…!

Author: disillusionededucator

A primary school teacher on the edge! Of what, I'm not sure!

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